I don’t have anything to say wright now. Not in the mood of refurbishing from my past sayings just for the sake of saking {I find that annoying at best, morally questionable @ wrst} ~ Everything I do is still in vain ~ My ‘situation’ is getting worse as the days go by ~ on all planes 🙂 [Yeah I know, it’s an Illusion anyway ~ But unless I get to actually TALK with someone about this & more, have a friend, have a real chance at a real life; everything IS in vain] ~ After every Genuine ‘thing’ I put -out there- I find how I’m welcomed with More Mockery and things that I label under the Category Humiliation anyway, so. No hint of real understatement ( ephemeral doesn’t count here ~ ) ~ So here are some new-ish pictures. I don’t know what to say, but this: I am profoundly disappointed. *wink*


I Hope you realize what you’re doing, Just as I’m trying to ~ Pings sent your way ~ If you’re worth ‘it’ – the time (You can’t make up for the lost time ~ buy back, etc ~ as I’ve read from a book). – I was never allowed to really choose what I do with Mine. A little reminder for the spears that hear whatever they’re programmed to translate wrong by the shitface wrong Design ‘meant to’ (??? rofl) Overwrite God.

Harm none! [Doc, you sure you know what you’re doing? Cause mirroring that “If I had a real Choice I wouldn’t be doing things this way” ~ doesn’t ring the shit from a bell to me.]

~ Be well ~

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