I’m confused.

 Another day when I feel like everything I do is in vain, just food for Egregores (that I don’t believe in).

I’m sad, trying to figure out how to talk to you while understanding what the f is happening with the reality ‘around’ me.

Eye sees.

I cried. Critical situation indeed.

To the guy that told me that I don’t like my feet ~ 1. Makes me very sad when the doublespeak guys take over. 2. you probably are aware that there are some beings trying 2 make me hate my feet }face{ and that makes me very sad <it’s their job somehow too>

because it’s not like I really want to like my feet but I like them they’re mine I’m ok with them…

@ the limit between infatuation and nonsense i’m at the perfect balance point when it comes to that if only I would be allowed to be. Then you could learn some real stuff from me. Until then doomed to nonsense bad dreams and weird things that I don’t believe in but keep lying to my face over and over again and I don’t know what to do about that.

Men women and… And all those that ‘can get it’

In 8.2 and 8.3

it’s not about the children as in
🐈🐱 But rather 🐟 and then again 🎣 to 🤖 . He’ll. HELL! Hell is here already if we are forced to lie to each other like we do… Everyday…

knowing what I know it’s so difficult to take anything serious and this hurts a lot because I don’t know how to live without taking things seriously everything is a lie that I don’t want to lie I don’t want to waste and I don’t want to spend I don’t want to earn and I don’t want to learn if it’s written in lies to teach other lies

• however thank you for giving me these clues I’m really grateful, trying to understand. Symbols that appear like the bent corner that I’ve seen
}why download{ during the past year especially in certain }and said the{ moments.

Little lights. Like I saw hints from stop motion animation videos that wasn’t even a picture or something else like sharp breaks in the fabric of reality as I know it…

#Time guy with his #tongue sticking #out ~ clues about my very own #programming (not my creation, but how my #senses have been used for other’s #excuses) ~ https://mmmylittlecorner.blogspot.com/2020/08/eidiiv.html
Bye 4 now.

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