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• Coming out (of) the light (dark) of day / We got many moons that are deep at play / So I keep an eye on the shadow’s smile / To see what it has to say / You and I both know / Everything must go away / Ah, what do you say? • RHCP

Lies, echoes and dust (not dust in the wind though)

• There’s no reason to keep repeating… I don’t like it… But, I don’t like having orgasms / what’s happening. It’s not that I don’t want to be benevolent, but I don’t have with Who, considering how my reality is combobulated / the circumstances, the appearances. Through ALL the “nicknames” (Accounts?) that are interacting with me online… Good voices (Good voices NEVER “Take over”~) cat’t speak. Only calculated BAD (mindless, unaware, not authentic). I “am” trapped but I don’t feel so (~illusion).

It’s mind boggling to give Alpha Numerical replies over and over and over again


It’s against my own (and Normal/Moral) principles of Communication. The more I masturbate, the worse it gets. And everything I do is (still) in vain.

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