Spare parts for a change

I don’t know what to say now. i feel I said all, and I really dislike re-peating myself. I am currently still captive in a nightmare world with mostly nightmare characters. The good ones ~ we don’t reach eachother directly. I don’t know why. Everything seems in reverse. I am not allowed to heal. ‘They’ (baddies) did some things to me that I can’t explain, to hide what my body can naturally do. (real Health is free – non trade – pure love – all heart ~ Me) 

Force fed with lies, I feel humiliated to the core of my being for not being allowed to well.. Be myself. (+everything else that came with this snowball effect nightmare impaired vision ~).  slowed..I’m slowed, you say? It may be looking like that from where you’re looking, but I feel something more, I keep talking about it and nobody seems to really be listening (The ones that know, knew before, the ones that seek ~ restricted access. Sic! Aaand redirected orange juice senses. Reality making machines… ♥ )

Belonged to maternal grandmother, I always thought it’s special. Definitely my favorite icon from the ones that my family displayed ( I grew up in a Christian family ~ )

I just got my period (I’m having a bad dream, btw). 
Things I found.


Hints about orange power anal things. Thanks!

Thanks for letting me know. I don’t know yet what to do with this info, though.

♥ She~a shells ♥!

Kitchen tap water art 

One of my fav mobile games.

Don’t wanna be a lonely heart anymore 🙂 I am already enlightened. Not even allowed to be a hermit. How they’ve been limiting my life makes no sense at all, for no purpose invokable by anyone, really. If I don’t fit any pattern maybe there’s something else to be done about it. I don’t want to dine with the dead forever, I’d rather do something else with such a Majestic opportunity (My life).  Past few days have been some of the most disgusting of my life ( I saw more numbers than usual ~ and this hurt more than the emotional imprints of wrongness translated through moving pictures from my eyes ~ in this context I mean traumatic shit from when I was ‘growing up’). 
Make more space make more space.
Seeing some of the results of mass trauma based mind control & not being able to do anything about it. It is not the law. It’s anti life, period. If you are a necrophantasiac or like fake food, ok, you had a choice in ur life, I want to have a choice in mine too. Fools keep talking, machines keep hurtin’, black magickians  keep winking with their a(*)les about how good their balls smell like,  I received no present for my birthday, you know, a real one. The ABC was supposed to be a present ~ and issues have not been resolved on this front either.. But the things I’ve seen… And what I felt when I saw em… Man… not whining, but some words did hurt so much. Whisper: They were’nt even choices… Just numbers, girl… For numbers, by numbers… But… It’s wrong :-< Egregores popping up everywhere and I don’t want to believe in them, no matter how much it hurts. 

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