Riddle ?

(What’s happening?)

I split the day in two and give you three to chew.

This is how I’ve been perceiving ‘Time’ recently. Feels very Off. Deceitful measurings. Insert video here?
I try to understand but it hurts. 
So yday when I was online on imlive dot com,
a guy had an interesting but peculiar request
he wanted me to force a tight ring on my finger and then to take it off. 
Was this his genuine desire to see me doing that }no{ 
or did somebody make him ask me that so then they can say that hey, look, this girl does this for money, she accepts to #force something (…) for money so then they can justify #forcing #others to do other things. I hope this makes sense.
I know it sounds weird and silly but I am concerned and also a bit paranoid. 🖐️I don’t even know how to communicate with people anymore. On that website of course I want to make my guests experience as interesting as I can, but before I even realise it’s like I’m drowning in a sea of keywords that can be misinterpreted, each and every one of them. 🧐👀
Guest client member la la la person – I always imagined they are humans like me.
But they were not.
Apps open on a Taskbar? I don’t know how to process this information. I am human and I really think I’ve been designed and I got born for something else.

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