Pic heavy


Who is she for you, and why did some others tell me that she is actually a he and I’m not talking about me here.

It’s hard to believe that there’s nobody out there
it’s hard to believe that I’m all alone
at least I have her love, the city she loves me
I feel all alone too most of the time, despite being in constant ‘psychic communication’ with many folks (why do I start getting a headache as I type this? Am I really not allowed to talk about how I see the world I live in, using the words that this very world has taught me? *sigh*)
Between a m and an e, brb ♥
Can we ever talk, as if it wouldn’t be starting with something weird, as a Request?
The way I see you… (Focul de la aragaz pe intuneric)

You are beautiful.

!Light up my nail beds, yes, just like that!


Mon chat.


MUST…SMELL! (Numbers dancing up and down ~ Raining with data?)

I found a jewel on the road today, thanks for bringing this to my attention. ♥ 

“Everythingsgonnabeok” < Stay home we come to your door. > [Pic taken @ my local post Office]

Me be time travelling again, friends. .:No:. ~ It’s just a way of saying. .:No:. Ok, Grompy ol man, I still remember how 2009 tasted for me, and I didn’t really like it. Now what? 😛

Good weather today.

Gelatinous little people doing the happy dance with both hands in the air.

}Phew{ Few see this as I do. 

I’m walking on Sunshine.

Interesting ~ 

Blink back right @ cha.

Saw this on the ground, made me think of inspiring photo editing stuff.

I’m soon to be 33 years OLD. *giggles*

I find this combination of hues very artsy, the rusty, and the blues.
~ I don’t wanna learn to live without love 😉 Regardless of what I ‘have to’ go through.
“We’re running out of space” ~ But I Observed the ‘space’ improperly used, more and more, bulked up with unnecessary stuff… Hiding, hiding, questionable #code.
I am more than code [Human vs Non-Human]
• (Stop trying to Break me ~ I need a Break, not to be Broken. ~ me)
Electra brand thingie at the back entrance (somebody ate a letter)

😀 antimonies

Look at that nose

*ahem* “Version”
I think I look ok ~ Please stop trying to make me feel bad about myself, regardless of the ‘Purpose’ [Experimental vs Experiential] ~ I do not agree to let anyone play with my settings like that.
This is not how you (or anyone) can find the Source of …… [What you’re programmed to :-$:-$:-$ kill ~ said in whispered voice.] 
In Y!m, :-S was emoticon for scared/worried face, :-$ was for Shhh! finger on lips, keep a secret(?)
Bye 4 now…

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