It’s almost as if…

…What do you expect me to say

    ABout what I see…
I don’t like the ‘blame game’, so… Linguistyx… Found myself in the Lion’s den… Again? Hey! I’m a Leo myself 😉 
~~~ Dispeller of illusions .:Not allowed:. (Yet) • [Time is fake] 
…words? Sometimes there just aren’t any available to truly express what needs to be expressed.
Talk to the …

Why did I see this? [Wall]

ROmanian weirdness.

Optimal way of… Deceiving everybody? [I don’t want food with bugs, however, I think these 👾 are cute. So easy to misunderstand Me. 
Yeux sans visage…
Voyage, voyage ♥
My <EGO> is not sick, naturally. If only, if only…
Discretion? But, 

Waiting in line.

Did you?


Sunset before I took the tram 🙂
Linguistyx @ play 

Pinky hug?

Moon & Lamp

Nois! Nais or noise? *Meow*

I remember those walls…

Directia servicii.

~ Thanks.

I still don’t understand why certain things are so trendy across Generations that should Evolve. ( I do not believe in Evil things even if I see them “@play” ~ No. It’s almost as if, they don’t know how to play.) ~

Mind the… ? 

Din statia lui 14.

Thank you for the Whisper. I truly appreciate!

Din tramvai.

De ce e de 2 ori?

Keywords and more..

Odd looking grass~ 

More keywords. (&more)

I went to McDonald’s, felt clueless most of the time. (Because of the Humans vs. Non-Humans thing)

I still don’t know how to look at some information and deal with my Reality as if Nothing happened.
*sigh* I mean all the misunderstandings regarding religious things & well… Things themselves. And the things which are not things but are treated as things and it’s very painful.

I do not believe in spiritual warfare ~ (Why Force me to believe it’s Real?!) It is but a dream. A NIGHTMARE. How many lives? What? Numbers? So everything I do really is in vain? (No one really caught me / I do not break, Nothing will ever make me ‘break’ ~ I need a break.) ~  Not even Once.  Restul e poveste ~ *sigh*

Cause baby if you have eyes like mine, you can hear in the dark.

I liked this. [I still don’t understand how things like these have anything to do with ‘sex’ whatsoever].
Make make make
More more more
I’m still confused.


Stadionul National ~ era multa lume pe acolo (lume as in ~ people)


Cine, ce, cand, unde?
Cum adica… Am uitat la ce ma uitam in timp ce unii ma fortau sa nu-i uit pe altii. Nu imi place sa ma uit la ei.

Mr. Maior, linii din umbre.


Drapelul national.

Aer = Air

Why does this make me smile?

Nails in thick wood


Sad because of the same thing with the same thing..

I got close. *Snap*
Do I really wanna know what this means?

counting lines and versions.

Profanity ( Fake politeness   Mockery/) is not how u make more space, punct.


29.07.2020 Weird dream last night… I was holding my grown up son in my arms, he was still dressed as a baby (infasat); and various aspects in the dream tried to make me “see” him as a lover (iubit) but I had a Knowing (inner) that that’s my

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