I feel worse than ever ~ OFF Course ~ Until when? ~ What now?

Don’t let them hurt you.
The ones who…
Who taught us to talk like this? 
[“She’s gone.”
“Come back.”]
Pensive face

Here too?!

21.07 ~ Stuff that doesn’t make sense keeps trying to make sense (Painful_). I still don’t know who is behind this, choosing this for us all. 😕

I could write a more about what I feel when I interact with … But, I find it so silly, bad, but at the same time serious (for some) that they are not allowed to See anything else besides… The Lie… The ‘official video’, yeah. Tell that to each of my senses, separately. I can’t live like this, on separated planes of existence ~ in 1 body. Her voice, the story, the keywords, location location of loca loca… I do not agree, They keep me here (they in this context – Baddies, not the Builders, pls, Wake up! I’m tired of having to deal with so many misunderstandings). ~ Some important ones don’t believe in ‘The Baddies’ (as in ~ they don’t see them as real) ~ Ego sickness? Willful ignorance? I don’t know. I have nothing against them, the efficient ones but, if you are set to kill me / harm me / then at least we could talk, on…Common Ground(s). The excuse with the bugs, again, yea sure, smart Ones, you know enough about all the possible natures of bugs as to see the deadends yourselves… But then, you forget, because you have to focus on what matters J My EX didn’t seem to ever understand what I meant. What matters? Make sure it’s not what Others that you wouldn’t give a dime on SET the What Matters for you, Busy Business? Well, If who-you-worship sets YOUR What Matters, and you agree, for whatever reason, it is only correct that you would allow others to have a similar choice too. Especially those that see no usefulness in such ‘Worship’. Eternal Conflicts? Of who? Those that rather lie about Eternity itself?

[I mean no disrespect to any Religious Text but it is not the way] No, thank you. I feel mental nausea every time I ‘’put in’’ THIS reality anything that feeds what I do not agree with and I have No Choice the echoes are Cruel ~ I never agreed.

I can’t believe we’re still here, putting energy like we do into ‘this’.  It feels as if I have no right to really speak, as the ‘stories’ eat one another for a Supremacy I don’t understand ~ reductio, but, wrong language, man. Only leads to deadends. Already processed over and over by Smart_guys.  RE RE RE RE RE some hear only ‘Answer’ (as in ~ reply) but for most of us, this means something painfully Useless. Not an answer to anything, really. I’d talk about love but I’m in too much pain and the things I’ve seen lately are… (attempting to find proper words to describe; failing). A A A? ~ Take care, don’t let them hurt you. If you see, you see.  I can’t really see now.


People who misunderstand darkness have too much power in how we all see and understand light.
There are some things that you should never do, they still don’t get this. Look at these words, I meant one thing only. Indiscernible by many ~ so what?
Since when do blind people rule our lives?

And they are pumping poison into us. We get yucked out }the dogs out{ and they gather our bitter sweat drops and use them as proof for something that […] < Run > … Something that ultimately hurts others.
In ways that }No worries{ they are never allowed to really see.

My ‘wish’ for this Birthday? (Coming soon in Earth Days)
Sounds something like this:
~ “The four immeasurables
May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.
May all beings rejoice in the well-being of others.
May all beings live in peace, free from greed and hatred.
Each of the four verses corresponds to a mental state: loving kindess, compassion, sympathetic joy, and peace (or equanimity).” https://www.ling.upenn.edu/~beatrice/buddhist-practice/four-immeasurables.html#:~:text=May%20all%20beings%20have%20happiness,free%20from%20greed%20and%20hatred.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Can I go now? .:No:.

I want to be away from this ALL, for a while, to see what I want to do next.

Ishkira Wind So who is waiting for me to Come Back & WHERE?

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