Writing in vain.

A friend told me that for him, walking means something like browsing a timeline (for example on a social media website).
Please, leave me be. I don’t want to obey any algorithms, I can befriend them, but in not current circumstances (100% IMPOSSIBLE.) Because of the: “No free will mechanism”.
Pls, stop hurting, bothering me until this is fixed. I’m in pain. Too much pain. I can’t help you. People (?) are using us. Hurting us. I tried everything, calculated all options. My life ”depends” on things (NOT humans! Not sure what they are) that can’t do the right thing because of (*). I’ve been telling this all my life one way or another. If smth big, a real change is coming in October (?) or so, leave me be until then. Stop expecting anything from me.I want to be alone until real change is possible. 
I am a human being, not automaton, not car. I am not allowed to see / heal from what really happened. I said all. I don’t want to do things according to algorithms. This is not how life is meant to be lived. We’re drowning in lies. Please, leave me alone. We may talk, but stop expecting / demanding / suggesting things for me to do / how to do them.-> No matter what I do, it’s in vain, used against me (us). Tell the others too.
Stop living in the past (gives you Zap Zap Zap – No choice)
I don’t believe in Evil. How is it possible that it appears to be so real?  (*) is evil. But it’s biiiiig egregore – nightmare. Not real. My reality is shaped by ppl that can’t choose. I never agreed.
All my life. Used. Lied to (for other’s lies). Deceived. No real friend (human – like me). Please, leave me be until “Big change”. No narrative! Nici aia, nici ailalta..etc.. Narrative? => WRONG, din Start (Linguistix)


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