This is not how you make a girl meet her doom.

You’re only showing me facets of broken dreams… There’s no truth in this, there’s no truth in this, there is no love to be Found here: Like this. Do you understand? I take it in my ass for you. Why? When did you stop caring? Did you ever…Ever?

When I was with my EX, when i was on my period, I rarely ever wanted to engage in sexual things. And yet again, I had no idea what’s really happening! Of all the mischievousness, THEIR plans and what THEY were doing to me… I don’t want to give in. Didn’t back then either. I am ashamed of how little I know, about my own past, about my own body.
And I still have to have orgasms every day thinking of certain porn things because that’s how you programmed me to… WHY? You never answered. Never answered for real. Useless to say I feel used. Every ugly thing I hear inside my own head that I KNOW doesn’t come from ME is RAPE. Call it psychic rape/whatever, words don’t matter, do they now?

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