New blog post from #Bucharest #Romania. !Does it matter & why?!

 Latest orgasm video: ~ go to at around the 50 min mark for when I actually masturbate, lol.

You don’t understand how much this hurts, do you?

No, thanks you.

I want to have a choice. I want us to part ways. I know what’s good for me regardless of the pot I’m thrown into (Proven time after time). I wish I could choose the pot I jump in ~ to actually have a Life. Please, understand. If you’re after something I’m against [Something that’s against me ~ 2], it’s healthier for both of us if we part ways! Every day I’m witness to how every bit of data is used against me! I am the current incarnation of Isis/Aphrodite. THE Goddess, regardless of all the Names/syncretisms.

(To those asking how I know such things ~ It’s an inner knowing / intuition type of thing, above time / space; somehow directly correlated with events from this ‘real life’ ~ Looking in the mirror, seeing myself as the Greek Goddess ever since I became aware of my ”womanhood”, getting comments from strangers about the same thing in a way, Symbols, symbols, symbols such as The Ankh that appeared to my dream-reality merge as an amulet made of silver – lol – along with gathering of information from what I call ‘the psychic network’ ~ TRULY grateful for such friends in my life, really wished I had such friends for real, though, honestly. For real aka real life ~ in flesh, too). My ‘reality’ has ALWAYS been infested by Baddies though, and I know so little of it still…There’s a reason why I shouted in the Abyss of my mind (hoping hoping someone would hear) that I want to renegade ~ this was the word ~ to renegade (?) my entire family: I give it up. Just one of my attempts to show that I choose to let go of whatever bonds are still there, working against me. I always saw ”1” version, never fully aware of the ‘Jump-INS’ / Masks. #mindcontrol Suggested #narrative; hidden Truth / Life as .avi.

Let’s not get ‘lost in translation’, again and again, like until now. I’m a Goddess in human body. And yet, I have no choice. And yet, all seems to be against me. Why?

If you participated to all this orchestration, please, let us part ways. Say Goodbye, understand, learn, heal, grow. I know how to heal myself ~ on the layers where I actually need healing ~ but I have not been allowed to. Let me be. And be.
You want me dead? We are not alike. – I seek to ‘cut’ whatever ties that bind us, on all levels. ~ aka I ask to have a choice (It’s AT LEAST one of my birthrights) ~ Not a ‘little choice’ like the ones that we’ve been ALL deceived that can play a role / have a meaning [No, no. It’s all a LIE – ILLusion that leads to DEAD ENDs and nothing more ~ I’ve been telling you this, one way or another, on #radio ♥ since FOREVER!]. Thank you for listening.

I am against all forms of politics. I have a natural aversion to Evil and I am SURROUNDED by it, with NO real choice.
I’m not here to prove anyone anything (You ask that of me ~ it’s wrong, unhealthy ~ and you are deliberately harming me) ~ I am not here to win anyone over @ the ‘algorithmical war’. It’s very wrong, unhealthy ~ and I want to be ALLOWED to GROW UP past the Lies that have been Forcefully fed to me over the years of this life.
No excuse is a good excuse ~ for death to be preferred over life. *kiss* [Means There’s NO good excuse. Bad = Bad; .:BAD – What have we come to? Lost in translation no #matter what?~~~]

#deathtoai before IT kills us all.

~~~ From my journal: • Fiara ~ Bestie ~ Beast. Ceva f. fioros (fior = shiver ~ lol). Fier = generic term 4 metal in Romanian. ex: fiare vechi. Fier also = Fe = IRON (metal) – Irony? Fiara si cu Fierul nu cred ca formeaza un cuplu – LOL ! (thx, mom! Also, smbody said: BUGS!) ~~~


~ I felt as if ”something” continuously alters MY settings. You see? !-OMG-! Certain parts of me UNNATURALLY & purposefully (in this context, purpose is smth Evil) sped up / rushed. While other settings (somehow my tru tru wellbeing depends on those) …* SOmething bad messes up with them / trying to stop them (intended function) OR slow them down (slow me down this way). * | | | | |


Btw, for those of you that don’t know. My full name (as it appears on my ID Card – which in Romanian is: buletin )
is Laura Becut. Becuț (not Beculeț) hihi STill… My Family name is a diminutive of Bec which means light bulb.



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