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21 june ~ Happy SOLSTICE
– a guy ”flirted” with me by making me ”stop” hearing the ticking of my watch for a few seconds ~ FUN?
-also, codename for orgasm -> Germany LOL
• Ponderings ~ The speed of my voice (leaving aside thought – voice speed 😉 )
• Delay…Delay…Delay…Why? [Someone hints: thundapowah ~ thx]
 Something [Setings – messed up] ~ Perception of my OWN voice?! How?! [1] Hmm.
During  me -> in a way
During ”as it appears” -> different way.
• Also observed (?) while shooting videos with my phone. [Someone whispered: Latin] 
1 <Time Perception> as I’m filming, slower, in a way than actual footage (when I watch it). 
How Weird!

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