So, I had an episode of SLEEP PARALYSIS again last night, few details I remember:
– Right before I entered the “bad state” an entity disguised as my ex MIL was pestering me with annoying nonsense ~ I told IT ~ ‘No offense, but… I HOPE YOU BREAK YOUR CHIN!’ Then gone I was…Into the sleep paralysis feelin’.
– Lasted longer this time, I think.
– I felt as if I was floating in blackness and struggled to “Get back into my body” type of sensation
– Floating to the ceiling, all Black, dense, painful. I felt I was struggling to move, to ‘swim’ through this all, but I was just drifting away.
– Couldn’t breathe, felt my Body was struggling to breathe as well.
– This time, The Classic “Leave me alone, you have no power over me” willed as I was in the bad state did the trick and I was able to wake up. 
Pic taken upon waking up:
~With my head on my pillow.~
Oh, I really don’t like such experiences and cannot help but wonder about their True purpose, if we can even call it a purpose… What is the science behind this (?) and what about the demonic details? Of course ‘it’s not just me, mom!’. 
Bye for now…
PS: Last time when I had sleep paralysis, few days ago, don’t remember many details but Upon getting close to the Wake Up part, I saw my body as a mummified corpse ~ This made me conclude that sleep paralysis is an important “Tool” of Death Cultists (Hope you know what I mean ~ general term here) used to Brainwash their victims about Death & co. The mass hypnosis bad spell thing. To make it ”all” real. The nothing, really (Death of all life). Pfftt.

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