When choosing blog title hurts, you pinch yourself.

 Bla bla bla bla ~
I’ve seen the first hint today… I am just imagining things, however.*

They’ll make me bleed again…

What am I without what I learned?

Why does it feel like this, or like that?

Why does it hurt so bad now? Just because I dare to talk against bad teachers?
~I love Ony’s red eyes~
#streetart found somewhere in Sector 3… Really cute & I feel the same for *some* of you!
~Pic taken in the proximity of the building where I lived from ages 0 to 6(6->7, before I started school)
Latest Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYYLkumOnfk by the way the T in video title is meant to be a hand sign. Like STOOOOP give me a break!
*Oh, how I’d wish to get my button so I can START putting this imagination thingie to good use. My very own.. On my own.. What a dream.. HOW to choose it’s very 0pposite? If not… Mysteriously forcefully deluded :forced: 🙁  [Yes, Flying Buses will be part of my training session, at least for accommodation purposes]
Thanks for reading & joining me on this weirdly painfully magical journey! Can’t wait to YOU_KNOW_WHAT! And if you don’t, “Prepare to be amazed” (That’s what he said!) 

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