Propaganda and tears

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Hello there!


Thunder - Nazi - Confused buses in my city - Silly dudes ~

Why do we have to continue this story, or that story, why not make new ones? Shit, no.

~ We all have our reasons, a guy softly spoke to my mind..
You see... There are those who speak softly, and I might like you, and then again, idiots like... That one ... Who thinks a way to a woman's heart is through how fast or slow she thinks of THAT THING THAT IS ALWAYS 1 THING BECAUSE THAT'S HOW MONEY WORKS. That's not how money, or time works. Just silly debris in mess conceptualized by Thunder Guy & co. Hell, I like mythology, enough to respect it & try to see past IT ( barriers in communication). If you bully me, let me look away.


You don't learn how to live by focusing on how not to die...

(I like smart survivalists ~ I tried to be one as well until I understood that I'm more brainwashed than I'm allowed to heal from ~ Especially about this whole life-death situation).

I might taste like perfect slave, But I choose, for now, to be seeking friends, not Master. Because I detected no real one in sight, proximity, and if he's hiding, he is a good guy.

I'm constantly training how to hide better, and, for as long as we're bound to this (wrongly shapen) communication system (where bugs can and will always work to their - Silly Fools - advantage).

I love fragments. I learn more. When not even brute force can convince me of something, maybe, I can, at least, be allowed to learn further & choose the methods, teachers, and hopefully find someone to trust and call friend.

I wish I was allowed to think with my own mind. It's very annoying to constantly hear this one, or that one, attempting to speak their opinions through taking over 'my voice', and then mislabeling & using shit as ''evidence''. No, this is not how life works. Thunder guy ~ You are wrong. You can only have 1 Headline, always, reasons don't matter anymore, did they ever? Top Heads from structures of power ~ I thought you are smarter than this, and gave you more credit than you deserve. Is this how Evil tastes like?


----------------8<-------------[ cut here ]--------------------

So, you don't like me? I don't like you? Why don't you just leave me be then?

Yes, I'm working incognito.

Thanks for reading,

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