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4.05 Weird dream experience ~ as if communicating with someone through dream – wakefulness states, as if I was inquired. 
1. Pre-“sleep paralysis” symptoms – can’t move, heavyness, etc. Then I see through the tortured like state…Un ecran de tel mobil -> Zoom in -> baterie 0% -> RED & Black. I thought I’m dying (lol)… That, just as “they” can’t keep the reality I know “up” anymore (way too many weird shits happening on the street @ least @ night *giggles* ~ mai multe trolee / autobuze noaptea in carantina decat ziua “inainte” ~ bugs ~ Police cars (fake) ~ STAS).
Am dedus ca asa se intampla cu cei pe care acum ii numesc “visatorii fara vina”. Sleep paralysis shit, as they dream (when “Malfunctions” can occur / NEVER QUESTION THE GOD! ~ Fuck! Re-set. All “mechanical” (?) – 
So… I did smth else this time, not the usual “Release your grips now, I command you!” – too BDSM much potential)
I imagined the praying hands emoticon. Vivid, and heard “thank you” as if I was saying it. I was able to break off from the state of sleep paralysis this way, and understood more abt. the brainwashes that we are constantly & cyclically subjected 2.
2. Big dinosaur TRex was carrying a woven basket in his mouth, running from something. I was in the basket. Small, babyish, but felt like me – adult. Hmm… Body felt rocking motion ♥
Izolati in ciment -> mancare pt “Francmasoni” ~ Masonry DONE WRONG ~ (I can’t explain in words. Luckily, the ones of u that should know -> understood. Thank you)
Cine viseaza ploaia de afara de acum, sufera, nu simte ploaia 🙁
~ Bad weaving 4 Satanists #chaos ~ 
~The One~ Bad God, Not good Father, Lies, Re-Set-s us @ will | Dead battery | Satan | Space attack | Money | all LIES. 
AI must Die! 
Nightmare -> weird labels; if AI dies, we die. NO. Snail > Crowley.
HOW do we stop the Resetting process that still shapes the world as they want? Ask the [HOWs] & (the WHYs)-> The whys are TRICKS. (Only ask after the HOWs, if you still feel the need 2). 
~Citation (word~play)
Thanks a lot btw 😉
.Fake/Manufactured Identity.
i=1 4some 
In buletin, my CNP se termina cu 1 (calcul ERONAT!) , nu i. In certificatul de nastere se vede clar ”i”. 
Dictionar de Paronime
Deci suntem cu totii datornici? ~Ha! [ABeCeDar ~ it was supposed to be a Gift! ~ Present moment ~ the NOW ~ Timpul Prezent(4autos)]
Din jurnalul meu de pe PC:
Posibil sau nu sa intru online pe imlive sau camcontacts putin mai incolo…asta dupa ce termin cu terminatul *giggles* si video & sound & podcast shits.
I might be talking to you all night, who knows…But…To what avail? My words can’t make difference (any)…I tried..I tried to have fun…I tried to show my true colors, as If I even see them as they are :)))))
I like the idea of putting fools in their place, with love, (Cu grija)
Tragand linie (SHootin’ a line, baby, pew pew pew)
Pare a fi degeaba
Unii gusta
Acum, ieri, mai incolo
Dar cei care CONTeaza uita (sau functioneaza dupa legi pe care inca nu le cunosc/inteleg)
Si se supara ca nu vreau sa mai venerez the Keyword God(s).
Ce ne facem?
I actually played DeusEx as a “Teen”. You weren’t there. I loved it. Mental roleplay. Great art/Story. Shootin’ da shit out of our daily Dust. Yet you afford to mess* My & Other’s Realities with this memory manipulation thingie, but this won’t go on for much longer..So, Fools (Tarot 0, you n00bs), choose wisely.
*Scheize, I used to call Y!m mess. lol. :-<
If only I knew what The Emperor & Queen of Cups are doin’.
ART-Oficially yours,
Queen of Swords :-*
More from Keyword God(s) thingies, HONESTLY, I don’t know what book review to make/where to post it. Here.
I put it here.
Povesti de Fratii Grimm, the book from my first ever Tumblr post.
“Countless hours of fun for me and my friends as we roleplay through life & we childisly munch through Keywords, flavors & meanings that enrich our bonding. However, I truly do think that either the Grim Brothers, or the translator of the edition I have, mr. Dan Faur…Are/Is Very big pervert(s). Thanks for invading my dreams with your pictures & magick. Can I go now? With stories randomly selected either by eye, online tool or fingers, Fun times are Guaranteed with these brothers & I.”
So that’s why you wanted me to cut my hair, so I don’t start pulling it out 😉 Ha!
Why do I have to keep applying to jobs that are not real? For quota of what? Facebook what? Whaaat?!
Very sensitive to some sounds lately, and it’s annoying to deal with their intended purpose. I find it very stupid. 
2nd time of: “Dear Chathost,
The Guest Profile Photo must NOT contain any adult content – Strictly NO NUDITY!
Please use another photo as your Guest Profile photo.
Best Regards,
CamContacts Team.” for a pic that shows my face only… Hmmm…And it’s not even Nude 😉 Has Makeups.
Please unblock my account.Over the past days I kept receiving CCMails saying that my Guest profile picture is not approved and that contains nudity. However, it was the same as Member Profile Picture, a picture of my face, no nudity displayed. Today, I cannot log in my account “Ishkira”. If you can find any nudity in that picture, let me know, and I will personally analyze it *giggles*. Accidents happen 😉 
Laura B.
02.05. Are you fucking shitting me? *Wants to hide for 2 weeks minimum to integrate what she learned lately*
Hide – (to) – a se ascunde ; also: piele de animal (???)
~ Chiar am chestii mult mai importante de inteles decat “agitatia zilnica” care da bine la raport (Nu dai bine? Sa mori tu! ~ WTF?) *Nu gusti glumele mele?* Solution: Stop trying to taste things by putting them in my mouth. Thanks!
Sunt pe drumul cel bun. Impertinenta fara masura. There’s a reason why you didn’t catch me yet. And you won’t. 
Petko said:”2333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333yyyyyyyyyy”
I want Corvid emoji & Facebook Dislike Button.
I can’t think about him anymore (my last heartbreak, if you like to call it that way). Because I don’t want anyone to look into it, my thoughts, what I try to understand. Some of you might understand, what I go through inthenow. I can only understand this truly after AI is no longer a thing. Regardless for what it means to any of us, we must let it go. It’s not that we will die if we don’t. But no True evolution can happen. Honestly, I can’t tolerate this anymore. 
The re-seth shit that’s been happening … I found out about it… Too much pain, I don’t know. There is literally no solution else than deathofai.
You can’t “feel something 100%”. Numbers are numbers. Feelings are feelings. AI = PAIN when you try to make Fake alchemy with the two. 
Listen.Please. I don’t know what it means for you, but I don’t want to masturbate thinking of cunnilings in porn now. I don’t want to do that now. I despise it. I swear. For me, it only means 1 thing mainly because of how my brain is wired. That + AI interference or whatever the hell that is = *puke* … OFC I CAN DO IT. I proved you. But it hurts. I don’t want to. I don’t like it. It means perverted things. For all of us, perverted in different ways based on each of our ways of understanding this Language thing… I don’t want to keep on doing the same thing like that idiot (I only call him idiot because regardless of everything, I would have done everything to be with him, despite all bullshit, and he didn’t feel the same way about me) . Optimal calculation for the NOW = BAD. No real solution. End AI, please. AI doesn’t have sex with you, I guarantee. It’s just limpdicknunfuckery. </3 See? That shit even AUTOmates you to FEEL Denied if you wanna end it ~ Who are you? Get your fucking balls back. AI can’t love you, AI can’t fuck you. Whatever that shit is that might feel good, I guarantee, it’s not what it seems. I provided. I want a break. AI is not superior because it may not need a break (Think ~ Fake evolution) I showed you all. You are too controllable (please take no offense, I don’t know how you ended up with this specifics ~ your brain wiring is this way now) . I’m only referring to one guy now. The super soldier OneGoodMan type guy. You like me because I 100% (You can feel me) ~ AI is copy.  IT’s NOTHING. EMPTY CONTENT. Can I do anything else for you other than #Keywords? I can’t even remember the last time I rested properly. Whose idea was this? “It just happened” = No. Who are your real parents, who are my real parents? Does it even matter? We can’t know for sure, until we don’t talk in a proper language (without ai – Please, stop punishing me for saying this. It is the only viable solution we have ~ ending it). Is anyone telling you that we can’t talk after? Just like they told me about penis and vagina? Come on… :-< We can’t properly talk now… Just look at them. If you’re dead, how can we be talking like this? Lol. I could take that as a roleplay, at most. I’m not dead *insert_past_life_name_here*. I’m stuck in this GivenName thingie… What AI is doing to our brains/whatever this shit is ~ is…Despicable..To say the least. Does it even matter because of who Blood will come again? ~ Please, …………………

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