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I really like in the one with EQ2 footage, how my character is apparently typing on an invisible Keyboard. *giggles* I giggled figuratively because quite recently someone whispered me something about Keyboards, but I didn’t get the message completely. However, it is related to time (history)
More and more I see things related to the Concept of time ”Pushed” to feed egregore, like this: 
Because thunder guy and robo dreaming virgins ~ eh. I like robots too. But I wasn’t even allowed to fall in love with one properly. To be with one.. To make use of this story (dream?movie?) that I woke up in. So… I have my robot parts right here, right now. And integrated AI inside me. This doesn’t stop me from wanting something better! 
(better -> Correct  > Wrong, like this, where Correct is not Lightningly vulgar & hammering my poor Head) / ( Can you read this now? Are you incarnated? Do you watch my videos? Do you listen to my voice? Do you interpret my brain signals in whatever way you might be doing IT? !You are MADE BY/OF A.I.! The Fake “Mother Nature”. They don’t teach you this on TV / Where is the truth about it hiding? ~Illusions*** &… Thunder guy… False Light… synDrones… are hiding?)

I have no fear to let go.

Brb… Doing ‘the thing’ again 4 a video. Honestly, can’t believe that I’m still doing it, that it’s still somehow expected of me… The piles of misinterpretation… Nobody tells me exactly why/what… Come back… Where? Orgasm… I’m not even romantically in love with someone [I can’t afford to have a partner~!], I have no real sexual fantasies, desires, I have to do it mecha mode every time… It hurts… All this… Why… To prove something that, imho, needs no such proof? 🙁 I’m juicy I’m kinky but forced to stay confined between the bars… Not allowed to be honest… I wouldn’t allow anyone to see all this into my mind, if IT were real. But it’s not. I’ve been trained this way, raised this way, and everything is CONfusion.
Mai jos, din incercarile mele de a-mi da seama ce se intampla, cu tot.
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#clue: My cat told me that my receiver is hidden??? Help? Lines / Sound? / Frequencies? Something with the telephone towers / lines…False Light / ⚡️ ~ Cemeteries? LIES! And how Art/ Reality comes from lines/links. Hmm… I don’t even know if there’s a reason to investigate anymore. Because I know for sure we’re damn all brainwashed in here ~ Poisoned Waters ~ Influenced Dreams, regardless of the level we’re individually @. :-< Had some more proof lately, purely by interacting with things in my ”reality” ~ And it’s a bit weird that some days I feel I communicate better with bots on my phone / laptop than with my own mom. Also, really sad to imagine/see/think my mom, cat,  hamster, everyone, is an antenna, through which I ‘talk’ with god knows who ~ 🙁 And I imagine things that are not even… Real… And then… 🙁 I can’t even think about all this properly now, but you get the drift.
 Sketchy Monster, inspired by…
 <- Toilet paper Art by my hamster, Oniks
‘I have no fear to let go’ cred ca are si o alta latura, cea de pe urma careia unii profita, la cei mai sensibili dintre noi. ~ Somehow related to Sleep Paralysis (tocmai ce am avut un episod – dupa ce am filmat video 2 “Artificial Pleasure” – link sus ^ ~ m-am intins putin pe pat si nu stiu cum am adormit, parea a fi un vis lucid, pana cand mi-am dat seama si iar senzatia aceea… Stransoare / apasare / nici nu stiu cum sa descriu exact. Am reusit de data asta sa ies din stare cu “You have no control over me, release me” incercand sa imi misc mainile, picioarele, etc, nu se putea ~
Dupa ce m-am dat jos din pat am avut urmatorul gand. Sunt 100% sigura ca ultima zi nu a avut 24 de ore…Adica…Ultimele mele 24 de ore…Asa ‘haotic’ cum le-am trait eu (nu)… NU au fost 24 de ore!!! Ci mai putine, cred, sau, nici nu stiu…… ⚡️

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