Damsel in distress?


My latest vidz:

https://youtu.be/V4RiYwBTOCs -> Last Orgasm Video 😛 
https://youtu.be/y8GLBgY67_U -> Twitch recording
https://youtu.be/xAFfkJNvsL4 -> Live stream recording from YT
I was a bit sad there too, TRIGGERable as well, though the triggers varied, depends…on the Experiments…Right? But that smile? Priceless (at least for me)
For a client: I like you, but… If you need me to imagine something you like, so you ”feel” something, do you really Know Yourself ? I can show you something you like… And you can imagine whatever you like with what I show you, no? If I have to imagine that (that something ~ btw ~ because of all the miscommunications ~ I might not even know for sure what it means for you) , despite repeatedly telling you that I don’t like it… It hurts me! It hurts you too. Because it keeps you stuck in a lie of sorts… I can perfectly like SHOWING you something (cam footage / chatting / talking / ROLEPLAYING ♥) , for example: my feet moving around, me caressing different parts of my body, etc. You can imagine whatever you like when you look at me… But… No… You want me to imagine something YOU like, in order to feel that we’re communicating? Do you want me to lie to you? Stop. Right. There. That’s very WRONG. Hints why you’re sick. I’m not sick. But I am not allowed to live either. 
Ever since I had the epiphany that some guys think MY ASS is MY FACE, I don’t know what to believe anymore when it comes to my clients & their real personalities, fantasies, etc. When I was a chathost on CamContacts dot com (BTW totally unjustified ban there and cockblocked too~), Members(clients) seemed different there, on that website. Not necessarily smarter, but we could communicate easier.. I don’t know why. I LOVED that site, I am extremely sad I got banned, I had on one profile photo archive from 2008 onward – my pics, my memories…All taken away :-< 
I’m #Live right now on ImLive, here: https://imlive.com/live-sex-chat/cam-girls/ishkirawind/  
Sometimes I’m in FLC (Free Video Chat) as well, ~ If you’d like to see me and I don’t have FLC open, ask nicely and I’ll see what I can do about it 😉 ~
I have set the lowest possible price as Private rate… If you’d like to tell me or ask me anything, send me a message ~ If you’d like me to do something for you, or talk about anything, really, let me know ♥ If I say No to something, maybe you’d like to know why, before jumping to conclusions. I’m sure you don’t want me to… Jump to conclusions when it comes to you either 😉
There are some of my old pictures in my Picture Gallery on ImLive, I have this profile too since 2008. So you can giggle when you look at some of them •••
I’m not like the other girls… Spend some time with me there and you’ll see why 😉 If you don’t know already… And if you know, spend some more time with me if you enjoy chatting with me (& roleplaying. & whatever you enjoy doing with me). I’m still frightened because some of you think that chatting / talking. Is abusively activating certain triggers in my head using God-knows-what technology you have (???) NO. That is NOT talking. 
That is ABUSING me. That is not allowing me to be myself. If you don’t know how to reach me in ways that I consider to be normal (normal:reasonable:functional) ~ why do you want to reach me in the first place? 
An example: I’m embarrassed to share this with you, but here goes. I don’t know who has the remote control for my senses, but, sometimes, some guys (?) mess up with my senses. I was sitting on my chair and got a whiff of my own smell from “down there” (very amplified in my head ~ it’s not like this!!!) ~ One guy thought that THAT MEANS I’M SMILING! I don’t know what signals I was putting out (For me it was like this ~ WTF? How is this possible? This is not normal. I’m embarrassed. There are weirdos MISINTERPRETING ME RIGHT NOW.)
+ + [One day, Same water from my glass had 3 different tastes ~ How can I be myself after you showed me this???]

There clearly has to be a miscommunication somewhere, honestly. Somebody lied to you, well, I don’t want to lie to you. But I don’t want to continue living in this lie either. Hurts too much… We’re making no progress whatsoever.. Quite the contrary… Can you read my eyes? 


Thanks for reading! Mwah :*

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