Please, I don’t want to masturbate anymore, I don’t want to imagine creative scenarios of doing it, what happened in the past months damaged me badly, I don’t want to do this anymore, I hate it, this is not me, I don’t want stupid wankers losers to see & misinterpret what I imagine, I’m so tired of it all. This is to no end, I have no one to hold for real, this is not sexuality or love this is sickness ~ Every day I wake up to such demands I hear “You are nothing!”.  Please, someone, hold accountable the ones that wronged me (us) so much (bad) to make all of this ‘possible’.  If you have the power to teach & you don’t do IT, you’re just as much a meaningless nothing as I am while doing ALL OF THIS. (According to ~ Them). And then we all get poisoned. 

I would tell you that I LOVE YOU, but I don’t want the Bad Guys to hear how it feels like.


Hitler did not exist, ffs. You like such fantastical scenarios? Then think about them on your own, all alone in your perfectly ordered dirty little mind, without forcing us all to comply. It’s that simple.  ~ Fools, thieves, losers, Godless Mother Fuckers.

•Every time something happens “down there” and I don’t know for sure what’s really happening (in my own body~ffs!), I label it as Rape. And it is a violation of at least a couple of…Rights… Yes it is.



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