Why does my labia look like a snail? * & more mysteriousness-es

Why does my labia look like a snail?🐌 I don’t know, but maybe I will find out and giggle about it…
This article gathers round many apparently unrelated things from my past & I will give little clues about each thing, based on research & observation. I hope there will be no conflicts due to the strange *multi-RE-purposing-purposefully-making-shit* that occured @ some point in time, that I don’t know much about, but…I’m trying to figure out more as I see IT more & more.
For example. Stuff = Treaba(pl. Treburi) in romanian. De treaba = Cool, nice (about a Person). Stuff can also mean Shit, and from here comes a looong list of misunderstandings. You get the picture.
One more…Toilet – Bathroom – Wc – Closet – Buda – Bio –  Toaleta – In fundul curtii,,,
First, about time. 1st recorded #Date (and date can mean to meet someone to “hang out”, intalnire – no Wonder I find so many misunderstandings here as well & I am very conFused myself). Back & forth, baby! FUCK.
12.10.1990 (according to the way I’ve been taught to read dates in Romanian, this should mean 12th of October 1990).

 Pic(ture) Taken Today (Fun fact: when I was in school, Pic used to mean this: https://www.bnb.ro/carioca-corector-super-pirat-pelikan.html or similar, used to erase ink with.). So, this “Event” ~ I will give more details ~ What is it’s true purpose? Hide something? Attempt to “delete” something? Perhaps Real Light? My sources(Friends!) inform me that Yes, that is the case. [“Expugno Lumen” & co was a result of the Brainwash mixed with my Own Processing Power – that comes from God – Latin didn’t exist until I was In the IXth Grade, REmember?]
How do you “make” Time? (“Can’t buy me, love”) Those that apparently Know Me better than I know myself, had a Plan.
In that time frame (I still can’t think outside Time – It’s deeply ingrained ~ programming ~ I’m sure you “see” why) I used to stay with my grandparents (paternal) @their apartment on 3rd floor (I was living with my parents on 1st floor, same Building – Fascinating & CONvenient –  Combobulating indeed!) They measured how I was reacting to specific given time frames (Sub pretextul ca se opreste curentul – facem economie Dom’le – E de la Partid!), and ‘Creating’ certain systems & tools based on that sort of research. Hmpf! Make-up! (If make-up wouDva been The Answer, you would’ve made up your own minds by now *wink*) Is this even consensual to begin with? No. No. No. Hope to learn more about this soon. Look into these eyes,say it isn’t so…
 “The Real Queen of ENgland” is based on Stories. No, you can’t copy my brain. Thank you for understanding, here’s hoping you give up so we can all (I mean: The ones that Will – I certainly DO!) begin The Real Deprogramming.(Heaven on Earth)~
BUG: There was no “Republica Socialista Romania” in 1990.
Happy Listening!
No you won’t fool the children of the revolution.
Tech I remember from my past:
• 1st Pc date, somewhere ~ 1995 – Something like this:
I took classes at school – “Informatica” and learned a bit of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norton_Commander + The teacher was allowing us to play games most of the time…
• My first PC was a premade system with a Pentium 4 processor from Flamingo store, Bucharest. Creative Speakers (2.1, Very trusty) ~ One of the first songs I listened to when my parents got it or me (Imi amintesc ca a costat cam 40.000.000 in total – Au facut Credit pt asta): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JJAXwAaA2w  – How Prophetic!
• Nintendo SNES (2nd hand, from my German cousin) – I played games like Mr. Nuts, Ghouls and Ghosts, Super Mario Kart, and something with football. I also remember. Zelda – A link to the past AD 😉
•From my cousins in the US: I had 2, one like this and one with The little Mermaid (That one was mostly Blue & White) – Oh I loved them!!!! Thank you, Tiger Electronic Games 🙂
I remember those sounds so well. But I never thought some things could get so…Deep…If you know what I mean…Well..I hope you start to understand more *ponders*. Oh my, that Tasmanian Devil’s tongue…Ntz ntz. Sunt intr-un punct in care constientizarea unor chestiuni chiar doare acum, pe langa durerea fizica  cauzata de ‘…’ Cine tot incerca sa ma citeasca si nu reuseste.
• More from My Journal, a bit later.
*Still processing that everything around me is in a permanent state of Combobulation and I don’t understand exactly how this works so I don’t know my place either 😉 Even the word “works” gives me the creeps now. It works – merge – lucreaza – functions – walks +++++ Constantly having to tell* myself: That is not My Mom, That is not My Mom, & on and on… Because of the deeply imprinted emotional associations That I don’t know how to Tinker on my own 🙁
*To tell – a spune, but also, pârî – To ell the teacher when another classmate does something bad/bullies you, you get the drift, don’t cha? Cha cha cha..
When I was little I used to spend a lot of time watching cartoons from Video Tape (Casete) I had a small stash, cycling through them, and for some reason, I don’t remember getting bored of repeatedly watching them..Hmm…
Notable mentions:
https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3imrt3 – Mouse comes to dinner.
 – The Origin of Foot Fetish, everyone!
Mice Follies also stuck to my mind, interesting.
~~~In Constanta, ROmania – First time I Visited a dolphinarium..
Pics taken in perioada aia…
And an astronomical Observatory.
~ #1st more kinky material I ever Owned:
 A bit of History now…
“În noiembrie 1999, revista Playboy îşi făcea debutul în România având-o pe copertă pe Dana Săvuică, la acea vreme una dintre cele mai frumoase manechine ale ţării. ”După ce mi-a trecut râsul isteric, a rămas nedumerirea. De ce îmi faceţi mie propunerea asta? Mi-a răspuns că au o listă scurtă, cu genul de femeie care ar trebui să fie pe coperta primului număr, şi că au nişte cerinţe foarte clare de la americani. Trebuia să fie o femeie matură, cu forme naturale şi, preferabil, blondă”, și-a amintit peste ani Dana.” – That woman is strangely related to some Events in my life. I was in 9th grade, she came to our highschool to look for Models for a TV show, I remember she took me with a car and drove us somewhere to discuss details (???) Seems all like an odd dream now. Anyway. The dentist I dreaded (Dr. Herta) already suggested I should be a model so. Now my memories are messed up. I got model diploma after shitty courses/lessons/”School”. Here are some pics from that time, approx:
Shooting for that damn TV Show took nearly a full day, for a couple of minutes of On Screen time…Bleah. I modeled for someone’s hat Collection. The facilities/environment @ that place (Buftea,RO) were below my expectations, but I don’t complain – It was an experience…We received a Sandwich and a Yogurt from what I remember, and during the break, I recall I found no place to properly “rest”. Modeled 2 different things, Very uncomfortable shoes (Not my size) and I barely held myself together. I remember looking at the footage on Tv when it aired and I was very disappointed. I looked way fatter than I thought I’m gonna look like “On glass” (Pe sticla = La TV – vorba romaneasca) and that happened in a period when I was already vulnerable in regards to this topic. (Though, honestly, I had no reason to worry, ~55kg…WTF…Good weight for my height! Yes, I do remember well what Weight I was during certain …Awkward life Episodes).

~I remember 2 instances of experiencing a Blackout – 1 – cand eram la Caciulata, bazinul cu apa termala sulfuroasa de langa hotel, am vrut sa inot putin fara colac si m-am dus la fund, m-am zbatut ce m-am zbatut si mi s-a “rupt filmul” putin pana m-a ajutat cineva. Cumva conectat cu perioada in care am facut hepatita (A) – They told me ca am facut hepatita din cauza ca am mancat mere nespalate la Fundulea… 2 – In curtea liceului, cand jucam amical cu colegii basket si am cazut de mi-am rupt ligamentul incrucisat – left knee – thx Niki ca ai cazut peste mine. Cine stie cine a mai regizat si asta…Am avut cateva secunde (aparent) de total black-out, o durere insuortabila, etc.

Some articles/pages I found with #MAGAZINES I remember reading as a #Teen~
Cool Grl
More here:
http://czb.ro/articol/3857/ Generatia Mediapro
I was very influenced by the things I was reading, I think…But I thought that was the Norm… I didn’t know I’m living in this weird combobulatory world!!! I mean…It’s out there, by default, it should be verified / approved / good / Right?? No.


I had a collection of cut out pages with articles on: Sexual Education from BRAVO Mag.
Michael Jackson: Very Popular at some point When I was little. I was told about the scandals & transformations (Sickness) & Gossip(s). Did not have a definite opinion. I don’t know why he was touching “down there”, I saw that as dance move (?) But perhaps some BrainWash happened along these lines as well.

LEVEL – Gaming Magazine that came with a Disk. Full games and or demos, software to test & more. I remember I “devoured” them the first few issues I got ( lol – “Issue” ~ Problem? Edition? :p)
But that got boring pretty quickly, and I also encountered real issues, which I wasn’t expecting, but hey! It was “free” 😉
•First “Serious” Theater Representation I attended (With my mom):
Music stuff (That I never really cared about, but apparently….KEYWORDS)
“Money and Girls are eating our DAYS” …The HELL you mean!?
-“1 Kiss is all I want from you” – Meh. Makes me question everything!
https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exotic – The beginnings of MassEnSpellment in Romania? Hmm…

Was listening to them a lot, on my Walkman.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Dinamo_Bucure%C8%99ti – Dinamo ~ sports club I fancied (didn’t care about it too much though) – Alb – Rosu – Had knee surgery near the Field that is named Dinamo Bucuresti – “Caini Rosii” = “The Red Dogs”. As a child, I had a plush dog (red) named Szigykid. Loved him! Stefan had a silken scarf branded Dinamo.
~Lady Di – Avea bunica (Din Germania) Un album, ca o revista mai groasa de tip Reader’s Digest)
  Poze f frumoase, ea, rochii, bijuterii, nunta, copii, etc. Cred ca asa am ajuns sa apreciez(adica sa imi placa) anumite texturi, imaginandu-mi ce vedeam in revista.
~Diiiiii! Scream that to a horse and see what he does! (I have just been informed that even horses are combobulations used for the Capital’ism.) 🙁
Also, I was Foolish to believe, even for few seconds (apparently, it meant something to some of you – ntz) That this is related to Real Love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS0Tg0IjCp4 Quantum=0. Thank you. I also don’t think that any combination of letters, XYTJ & Co. can properly define Our Personalities. (Lol~Personalitate in Romanian =also Star, Vedeta, celebrity…)  It’s just another tool used for Food Cycle.
…It’s Magic…No? 
“The impossible…Is Easy” ~ !Not! When you want to OverWrite God!
Ce s-a intamplat, de fapt, IN HOL, Cu capul gol (Fara Palarie), Cu Televizorul si TeleFonul?
Si cine e tipul caruia ii e atat de frig? Poate a “sarit” ceva in mine, an inauthentic Teacher, perhaps? Spirit? Current? Cum se face asta? (E un vis, e ca un film!) – Dar cum facem alegeri in film? Nu putem? Cum? (Cum = What in Romanian). Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Aparent avem un set limitat de alegeri pe care le putem face. Si asta determina “geo-localizarea” noastra. SPATIALA (Cum altfel – lol). Some of you have deeply ingrained Space triggers/fantasies/Fetishes? Mais nous ne sont pas miserables! Si totusi…Asta face lumea sa arate ca un adevarat centru de plasament *giggles*. Macar de s-ar respecta anumite…Criterii. Stiti la ce ma refer. Deci asta inseamna California. (must research on this further – Thank you for allowing me to see, friends!) Acum..Cum mai pot lua in serios orice? Cine sunt cei care nu vad si de ce nu vad? Ei deruleaza trecutul? (I love some bits of it-the past- to pieces,oh I do…Also…I’ve been Taught that there are He/She/It & That “It” causes many misunderstandings and also Gives 0 where there should be 1, for the Ones That Know). De ce? Ar putea macar sa aiba voie sa aleaga? (Voie in romanian = to be allowed, but also ”will”. Will = Vointa si/sau Testament). Makes me go Hmmmmm! Pe voi nu?


Viermii ce-i hrănim
Despre cum trăim
Rece şi-anonim

E tot ce mai avem
E apa ce o bem
Te slăvim
Te iubim
Comandant suprem

Peste univers
De toate
Pentru omul şters

Pentru voi
Drumuri “noi”
Pe care-aţi mai mers

Pentru rugăciuni
De făcut minuni
Nimeni nu-i
Doar al lui
Casă de nebuni

Moartea e în roz
Omul din moloz

Rânjet fals
Fără glas
Chipul tras
În bronz

All/One – Sa ne interpretam unii pe altii? Ce boring! Variante de 8.736 luate cate 574.367.476 can only lead this far… 😉 . , … ,,,

If you’d like to listen to my latest podcast:



Luna Amară

 5 Petaled Sticker on a BathRoom’s Wall.
Tempo” 😉
Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/w8kuNCN3nZ8D719B9 (Printre ingrediente: La o plimbare prin cimitir, Piata Universitatii, Revolutia, Ipostaze Sexy 😉 , Crowley, GOAT, In drum spre scoala, Prima zi de scoala, Halloween, Doamna Directoare ++ alte amintiri)
Thank you for reading!
I forgot, but then I remembered.
 – Card Issued @ BRD Bvd. Unirii
C4GC+4H Bucharest. My 1st ”real” Job – Ecta Software for IBM Romania. More about my Jobs (Servicii – lol) In another blog post, as we decode my memories together. 
Expired. So I’m not concerned about disclosing such private numbers.
 Primit prin Posta (Post-Mail). Visa Electron 🙂

Spirituality (In Internet Era-for me)

I watched a lot content from channels such as:



But never took it really seriously.

It just seem to make sense, in a way…I will probably write more about this, since it’s connected to many other Topics as well. For Topic I sometimes use the word Subject, I do not mean Individual/Person when I say that, but I adapt it contextually. (I smell some confusions from the past).
Subiect/Predicat. Predicat = Verb, and from Romanian, sounds a bit like “Sermon” – LOL.

Catch Ya Later!

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