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Woke up at around 3:30 a.m. because of “noise” aka artificially controlled thingies / outside of my control. Obvious, and obviously annoying. I don’t know what the guys with the big “balls” are up to. I really wanted to catch up on sleep, since it’s been quite hectic lately (not complaining, but hey, It’s Magic…Dot.Dot.Black! #mugglery)
From My Journal:
Why does it matter? Why does it matter if  I shave my low perimeters or not? It’s not like anyone but me has access to physically touch there…WTF? It’s worse than when I used to be in a relationship. Satisfying “invisible men” – WTF are they? And why does it matter? Boring af ShitShow ♥♥♥ EXECUTE! Yes, Sir! Baaaaaaa!
* I shaved. Just 4 the record: I never liked men shaved “down there”. Personal preference 🙁

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