Din jurnal…


~For the guy that protects me / That I protect~
I came again, uploaded the media(s), daily shit… Felt angry afterwards. Like… What are we even doing in here anymore? What are we? I am “Marti”. What about you? For how long have we known eachother? Sirene si praf de beton in vant… Cine mai canta? De ce-au zis ca zidesc mormant? Cine mai crede? Esti tu cel ce vede (mai mult)? Te-au mintit si pe tine, au esti tu cel ce minte? Oh my fucking mind… Unquestionable restrictions aparent restrict my “creativity”…I mean…I’m not mean. I might be a bad gal…But…What are we going to do? Where are we going to? Words don’t soothe me 2day. Why do we need “protection” to begin with? Caw-Caw-Caw!

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