Concert tickets & more

~I bought tickets for a concert – Halloween – I really liked the “I want out” song

To live my life and to be free

~But I have no memory attending that concert. I remember wanting to sell the tickets (?) – Bug.

~Genius – Romanian band

In orasul trist, luminile s-au stins…

Ce seamana cu Iulia…Hehe…#Ochii.

~I remember seeing this Film before 2006 – Strange!

~OM – Means Human in romanian.

~I bought a Jade Quan Yin in HK, I really wanted “Real Jade”.

~”Totem” shop cu chestii interesante in pasaj la Universitate. Trippy – There were more locations – But they all Vanished. There I got. My 1st amulet – I don’t remember what It was. Pentagram. Incense sticks. Stone Chess. Wooden Cat & Other  thingies.

~”Namaste” I first heard this term (term – word – termen – proces – valabilitate – la termen – nastere) on the internet, Spiritual COmmunity Team Light sort of place… Blessings & Namaste.

~Aud de afara O voce de femeie, In saptamanile care urmeaza vor folosi dezinfectant de mai multe tipuri, alternand (…) Nu se auzea tot. Pana acum era alt anunt ( Voi posta inregistrarea In Video)

~Dezinfectant – Fresenius – FrekaSept – The 1st I remember – Parents brought home loads of it from Hospital. I was advised to put it on my face as well (not to make pimples). Dad was soaking himself in it (Not literally – but heavily spraying the stuff).

~Indian Food – Oh, my – Ionut (Ioan) ”initiated” me – Haveli – Delicious. Lamb, naan, kulfi.

~As a child, received samples of a weird toothpaste that wasn’t minty & stained your teeth (pinkish red) if you weren’t brushing correctly (Helped me to imagine Mouth Dirt – THX…Not!)

~AMIGO (Amigo=Friend) = Ness. Instant coffee ~ I remember Ness before real coffee (Florian-Grandma-Estee Lauder). Dar aveam rasnita. Bunica facea Zahar pudra (Zaharul nu se dizolva in cremele ptr torturile ei – Mie imi placea textura, dar ceva “Nu era bine”. Nu imi placea zaharul pudra.) Avea insa colorant. Imi amintesc crema verde,roz folosita la ornarea torturilor. Nu imi amintesc substanta. Esenta de Rom era Romaneasca. Esenta de Lamaie venea din Germania, la fiole.

~What is The Astral Plane? (Plane = Avion in ro). Nu stiu. Internet/Media – Eu chiar credeam(aveam incredere selectiva_)  intr-un fel ce citeam, Nu stiu ce mi-am imaginat gresit (??) Experiments & Exploits happened.

Trust – Incredere – Grup Media (Publicatii) – & this

I received my 1st Wrist Watch from my German uncle. And a ring (Magazinul Cocorul) in nice red packaging box (Velvet rose bud shape). I have no idea what I did with them / I don’t remember them. Just hints.

~ Protocol – Coffee & Sweets for cei cu Functii* superioare in cadrul companiei ptr care activam ca “Front desk officer” Receptionera (A receptiona. To receive. receiver) Everytime I say THX I mean Thanks. “Research & Development” – nu intram niciodata la R&D. Dar I opened their mail once, peeked at the papers, Tehnologii gen Iris reading (Eye recognition?) & something weird involving a ball-pen. I got a gift from that place too..A HUGE carlig – clothes pin, wooden. One of the few if not the only mail that came for me.
*(Functions – Not FUN, man. I thought they’re just real People doing their jobs – Nobody taught me that This is how you get the Job done. Done = Terminat = Climaxxed. Are your Bank accounts MAXxxed Yet(i)???)

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