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Celebration of the Lizard” is a performance piece by American rock band The Doors, featuring lyrics written by lead singer Jim Morrison and music by the Doors. Composed as a series of poems, the piece includes both spoken verse and sung lyrics, musical sections and passages of allegorical storytelling.[1]
“Celebration of the Lizard” was performed in its entirety at several Doors concerts, with a complete live performance of the piece appearing on the band’s 1970 live album Absolutely Live (and, subsequently, on the 1991 live compilation album In Concert). A complete studio-recorded version later appeared on the compilation album Legacy: The Absolute Best in 2003. 
Recorded Aquarius Theater, Los Angeles – July 21, 1969
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>Lost Angels<
Exactly the date where I met “Lady in Red” for the 1st time. Or so my memories tell me *wink*
Hail, Corona! 👑
evrybody’s Getting Sum!
 Happy Spring, 2020.
We’re breaking through.
 My baby shot me down ~ (A kinky fantasy)…
Knock,knock…Is that you…? D..d..Daddy?
 Hell NO! I sure know now.
 Motion motion, LoCoMotion ~ A tale of Quantum Physics }{
Spanzura-ma de glezne, ca sa vad mai bine~ Foot fetishists are people 2. ~
                                                                             Do you wanna? 
 3 actors I ♥. Facial reCognition, aNWOne? 
Familia ca si nucleu al societatii.
CULT vs OCCULT. Do your research! Capacul de la tomberon e deja sus. Puteti iesi in siguranta! 
 Despre “Moarte”. Ucenicie & Vecie wabbit hole. (O moarte crunta te asteapta ~ Ritualistic programming ~ Cry me a river).
~If you be the scientist, can I be the doctor? Ooh]
 Where are the inhabitants, OH ALICE? Acum, mai mult ca niciodata, rand pe rand, amintirile se desprind, un vis urat, un FILM regizat de un student aproape REpetent. O productie! Ieftina 😉 (Fools Gold la super – oferta) ~ Tales from 0‘s Journey ♥
Spune Tu, Vant!
ABRACADABRA, bruh! Boom boom, Freddy 😉 Oare de la ce vine denumirea de High Magick? His Infernal Virus. Alta fila, alta filiala. Dar oare cate sunt de fapt? Si unde pot invata the tru truth about it? *le sigh*

 N-ai Fost Acolo*

*This blog-post contains NO hate speech. As I already TOLD YOU SO, Interpret Reality @ your own fucking risk!

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